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The Eos electronic Patient Care Report was designed and tested with extensive end user input and feedback. Intuitive, user-friendly, reliable and easily integrated with existing systems is the foundation for the Eos PCR.  The Eos PCR solution is an iPad based native application which is NEMSIS v3.4 and HIPAA compliant.  It can be fully integrated with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, EMS Billing systems, EMS data base systems and Records Management Systems.

Fire/EMS Dashboard


The Fire/EMS Dashboard will help you take control of your data.  The easy to use and highly intuitive layout permits users to slice, dice and drill down into their data.  The dashboard will integrate with any data source including RMS, CAD, Staffing, EMS and many others.  Scheduled automatic refresh ensures that your data is always up-to-date.  The Eos Logic EMS/Fire Dashboard will work on any web enabled device.

Hospital Dashboard

The Hospital Dashboard permits receiving and base hospitals to access near real time and completed pre-hospital care reports.  All that is needed to operate the Hospital Dashboard is a device with an internet connection.  Users can access supporting documentation such as 12 lead-EKG, AMA and photos.   

Click on the Icon Above to View the Eos PCR Demo Video
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Click on the Icon Above to View the Fire/EMS Demo Video
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